Chita® - 4 Typographic Libraries

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This is a product combo that includes our four typographic libraries: "Helvetica Neue - Typographic Library®" (including Blue, Red, Yellow and Green colors for Sketch), "Arial - Typographic Library®", "EB Garamond - Typographic Library®" and "Elegant Combo - Typographic Library®" (a combo using Work Sans and Montserrat). An all-round set of typographic systems that will help you accommodate numerous types of clients and art directions, depending on how you wield them.

Install each library once, and use them to design your own websites, leveraging the knowledge and experience that Adrián Somoza gathered during 9+ years of working for clients like Adidas, Nike, and Samsung.


*NOTE*: this product does not include the typeface Helvetica Neue, Arial Regular, EB Garamond, Work Sans or Montserrat. It includes Figma, Adobe XD and a Sketch files, that contain a set of typographic hierarchies using the typefaces above mentioned. To use this libraries, you need to own the rights to the typefaces beforehand.


MADE FOR Figma 98.13 onwards, Adobe XD onwards and Sketch 72.4 onwards (previous versions might not be compatible).

  • 04 Typographic Libraries

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  • 04 Typographic Libraries
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  • File Size2.83 MB
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Chita® - 4 Typographic Libraries

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